BBQ BICYCLE, Sculpture, 104 X 51 X 113 cm, 2009

This work is comprised of various readymade artefacts such as a barbecue grill, a dented tabun oven and a pair of bicycles, in an attempt to turn the American food truck into a Middle Eastern street food establishment.

Shahar Tuchner, born in 1987, is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Israel. Tuchner is a graduate of the Open Program at Hamidrasha School of Art at Beit Berl College (2010). His works in various media, such as video art, installation, painting and sculpture, often deal with social issues regarding consumerism, multiculturalism and representations of reality through the media (cinema, television, cyberculture, advertising, etc.). In his video-art works, Tuchner examines the relationship between image, movement and music, and in his sculptures and installations, he often uses readymade in order to explore the line between common everyday objects and art.

iceffel, sculpture, 130 X 40 X 40 cm, 2008

The Eiffel Tower, the undisputed symbol of France in particular, and the Western World in general, received, upon its construction, extreme criticism from Paris' intellectual elite for its ugly, tough and metallic look. This piece aspires to fix this impression, giving the tower an alternative, young and colourful look, resembling melting ice cream, that is fitter to represent the lively and cheerful city.

ROBOTA!, SCULPTURE, 60 X 60 X 135 cm, 2010

A janitor, completely confined to his work frame, is trapped between different elements related to cleaning and maintenance – washing powder, a plunger, a garbage can and more. The work symbolizes the hard work and severe conditions exploited low-income workers must live with.

Tuchner’s works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions at leading galleries, art spaces and museums in Israel and around the world, including Venice Biennale (Italy), Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburg (USA), The Wilson Art Gallery and Museum in Cheltenham, NN Contemporary Art in Northampton, 5th Base Gallery in London, (UK), Janco-Dada Museum in Ein Hod, the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) and Contemporary by Golconda Gallery in Tel Aviv (IL) and more. Tuchner has won several awards for his works, and they are included in the collections of the Yad Vashem Museum, Janco-Dada Museum, Israel, Danses Macabres Collection, France and private collectors worldwide.

pot-split, sculpture,  70 X 45 X 28 cm, 2009

In an analogy to the ever-worn-down ability of low-income workers to support themselves and their families, a pot is split in two to reveal an unidentifiable substance denying all access to the food it supposedly contains.

toilet brush in Corona days, sculpture, 35 X 24 X 11 cm, 2020

The new era brought with it a greater awareness of human personal hygiene, This is due to the need to avoid the transmission of the epidemic and its infection. Viruses and many bacteria among other things, it is transmitted through body fluids and faeces, and therefore receive a special dedicated treatment these days. In this artwork, they are featured as diamonds that the cleaner wants to grab by the brush.


 AMERICAN BONFIRE, Sculpture, 90 X 70 X 75 cm, 2014

This piece attempts to combine the indigenous Native American culture, represented by the blue ceramic blocks of wood, and the American culture that took over its land, turning it into a capitalistic “amusement park”, represented by the marshmallow fire. Despite the tension it raises, the work attempts to create harmony between these two cultures.

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