Monster stramash, inks and fabric on paper, a2, 2019

Hammer Horror has an adventure in Scotland. Frankenstein and his bride were made for each other, and so was the stramash made for monstrous dancing: there are boogying jolts, tartan in abundance, and maybe just a little bit of gore!

My name is Chloe Henderson and​ I am an Edinburgh-based interdisciplinary artist.

I am a Master's graduate of the Birmingham School of Jewellery where I attained a Distinction in Jewellery and Related Products in 2018.​ I previously trained as a jeweller at The Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee, and graduated with a Bachelor of Design Honours in 2014.

I am an illustrator, filmmaker, zine-maker, and jeweller. I make art inspired by the natural world, mythological creatures, fairytales, nerd culture, and the radical idea that humans should be kind to every living thing.

My work is inspired by my penchant for the fantastical, and I often feature strange creatures - both real and imagined - within my highly patterned portraiture. I developed my drawing process through the metal-etched jewellery I created for my undergraduate degree show collection. The crisp black and white lines have become my signature style.

Through my illustration work, I journeyed into the world of zine-making. I set up the company Coin-Operated Press, in 2020, with my business partner Katie McCann, where we host workshops, run zine fairs, create educational online content, and produce, publish, and distribute our own collaborative zines.


This is a rude cat, that is all.

survival? inks watercolours and salt on paper, a3, 2020

Floating plastic bags look like jellyfish. Jellyfish are the main diet of sea turtles. Turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and try to eat them, most of them choke and die. Without sea turtles to control populations, jellyfish numbers explode and dominate their ecosystems. Other creatures lower down the food chain have to compete with the jellyfish, making it harder for everyone. Nobody wins. We are all fighting for survival.

​I frequently table at markets, fairs, and comic conventions, where I sell my art and I have hosted educational art workshops at these events. I have exhibited internationally and travelled my film The Chimera Artist to be screened as part of the Oscillations exhibition at Munich Jewellery Week.

​In my spare time, I tame unicorns and swim with mermaids.


Anne Bonny and Mary Read were trailblazers in an incredibly male-dominated society who forged their own way. They were lovers and both fluid – moving between living as men and living as women in the Golden Age of Piracy (1700-1725). From this age, we know quite well the patterns of Blackbeard, Benjamin Hornigold, Calico Jack, and Black Bart to name but a few... but we are not often told the stories of two of the most famous pirates from the age. Anne Bonny and Mary Read did not have important titles, nor were they aboard any of the first-rate pirate ships of the age, but these two bold women more than deserve their place in the hall of pirate fame! They lived determinedly and followed their hearts – both in being pirates and seeking their own destinies but also following their desire to seek family and love each other.


We rescued a very chunky Thor in 2020 and have helped him lose enough weight to be at a healthy cat size... but he is still our little glob!

hairy legs, inks, watercolours, and acrylics on paper, a3, 2017

My hairy legs make me growl like a bear! and why shouldn’t they?! No matter how thick or fine the fluff that grows out of your body is, it’s natural for you. I used to worry so much in my teenage years about the unsightly little black hairs poking out from my legs, protruding from my underarms, and when I was especially unlucky at the swimming pool curling out from between my thighs. My anxiety might be worse than it ever has been... but in this instance, I do not give a single fuck about what you think of my floof. If I shave, I shave for me. If I choose not to shave, I do that for me too. Wear your body hair with pride.

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