Cardiff IV, Print, Oil Pastel, Pen, 58cm x 63cm, 2015

Screen print of Cardiff, Bristol and Oxford Street combined with freehand drawings translated and enlarged by a further screen print creating multiple layers of depth.

Focusing on individual decisive mark-making, I consider creating a contrasting geological composition and surface area within the form whilst it is representing an immutable structure that compresses a neutral but complex space. The artwork is constructed through a partially controlled process where unintentional and accidental actions of erosion or application contribute to the state of the artwork. This lack of control is used to intentionally irritate and to engage with the human senses to cause the viewer to become uncomfortable and approach aware and with caution.

Through Thought, Charcoal & Chalk on paper, 100.3cm x 141.2cm, 2017

A freehand drawing of charcoal using a variation of mark-making techniques to create a dynamic but contrasting composition.

Figure One, Plaster, 150cm x 30cm x 30cm, 2018

Plaster cast of a solid rectangle shape that has been carved out in the centre, refilled with plaster then carved out again on the exterior to expose the interior structure

UNTITLED, Print, Chalk & Charcoal, A3, 2022

Ink press of leftover print on used paper with an observational drawing of a lily house plant.

“An artwork shouldn’t be visually appealing but visually stimulating, it should transport you back to the emotions, experience and need to create something with what medium it demands at the time of the connection. Almost like an open memory that can be experienced time and time again without its meaning becoming diminished” - Laura Scull

UNTITLED, Oil Paint on Canvas, 45cm X 45CM, 2022

Subtraction painting creating days after visiting the caves in the Peak District

Untitled, PLAster, Charcoal, Resin & Acrylic, 2023

Mixed plaster cast of resin, acrylic & plaster surface which has been carved into using a variety of mark-making techniques. Crushing small bits of charcoal into the carved surface highlights the intense mark-making textures.

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