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About Us

The Arts Give More to Our Community Than We Can Ever Hope to Return.

Wichita Supporting the Arts  

Established in 2004, Wichita: Supporting the Arts (STA) is a communications campaign that works with the business community to support local, not-for-profit art organizations here in Wichita.  Currently we work to promote the following art organizations:

Ballet Wichita
Botanica: The Wichita Gardens
Chamber Music at the Barn
City Arts
Fisch Haus Studios
Friends University Arts
Kansas African American Museum
Mark Arts
Music Theatre for Young People
Music Theatre Wichita
Newman University Arts
Opera Kansas
Theatre on Consignment
Ulrich Museum of Art
Wichita Art Museum
Wichita Community Theatre
Wichita Children's Theatre & Dance Center
Wichita Orpheum
Wichita State University Arts
Wichita Symphony Orchestra

Wichita: Supporting the Arts is a privately-funded effort to promote non-profit arts organizations in Wichita to citizens, businesses, tourists and relocating families/businesses. It also provides tools to encourage volunteerism and donations, as well as boost attendance. Finally, it seeks to build cooperative promotions efforts among arts organizations and campaign sponsors.

The campaign is created and directed by Marketing Resource. The campaign is not a non-profit organization – it is a cooperative campaign.

The city of Wichita is blessed with a wide variety of vibrant art organizations, and the STA campaign recognizes how vital our thriving arts community is to both our quality of life and economy – not only do our art organizations bring culture and entertainment to our lives, but they also attract consumers to Wichita and the downtown area. For this reason, the campaign works to encourage the Wichita community to support our local, not-for-profit art organizations in four main ways:

1) Attend (or participate) in art events
2) Promote the arts to friends and visitors
3) Volunteer to help with events or performances
4) Donate to (or advertise with) art organizations  

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Our goal is to be your "one-stop shop" for everything that's going on in the Wichita art scene; offering you a multitude of ways to get involved and make a difference. Please visit our Facebook page to join us in growing, promoting, and supporting our vibrant art scene here in Wichita.

Wichita: Supporting the Arts is looking for underwriters.